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A commercial grade SLA 3D printer for high quality, repeatable prints and low-number manufacturing runs. It is capable of bio-compatible resins.


Specifications on Formlabs site

Safety Rules

  • Risk of respiratory damage. Turn on air filter when resin is exposed or alcohol bath is open.
  • Risk of skin damage.
    • Wear vinyl gloves when handling resin or alcohol.
    • Keep resin tanks level. Use care when moving.
  • Risk of projectiles. Wear safety glasses when removing parts from build platform and cutting supports.
  • Risk of cuts.
    • Use provided build platform holder when scraping prints off of build platform.
    • Orient sharp tools away from the body when cutting or scraping.

Getting Access

  1. Email facilities@tvcog.net to sign up for training.

Operational Notes

  • Store resin tank and cartridge in cabinet when not in use.
  • Wipe up any splashed resin or alcohol.
  • Keep any biocompatible tooling and resins separate from non-biocompatible items.
  • To remove parts from a resin tank, only use tooling designated for use with the tank.
  • Request additional resins from michaell@ceg.org. Allow 2-3 days for delivery. Print prices may vary based on resin price.


NOTE: These materials are not a substitute for hands-on training with an experienced user.

Operation Instructions