Bench Grinder - Central Machinery 39798

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Bench Grinder
Make: Central Machinery
Model: 39798
Serial Number: ??
Safety Classification: YELLOW


A basic description of the tool and what it does.


  • 8" wheels
  • 5/8" shaft

Safety Rules

  • Risk of projectiles.
    • Wear safety goggles.
    • Never install a wheel rated for less than 3,450 RPM.
    • Inspect wheels for cracks or imperfections before use.
  • Risk of burns.
    • Allow metals time to cool after grinding.
    • Immerse parts in water frequently to prevent heat build-up.
  • Risk of lung damage.
    • Room air filters shall be on while grinder is in use.
    • Dust masks are recommended.
  • Risk of cuts, abrasions, and entanglement.
    • No freehand grinding. Keep material against tool rest.
    • Rest shall be no more than 1/8” away from grind wheel.
    • When handing small parts, use vice grips or similar holding device to keep hands away from wheel.

Operational Notes

  • Use dressing wheel to keep wheel true and free of material build-up.
  • Use silicon carbide wheels for nonferrous metals, and aluminum oxide wheels for ferrous metals.
  • Grinding dust flies in all directions. Sweep and vacuum in a wide radius from the tool.
  • Wheels may be changed out with other types if needed. When you are done, ensure at least a course-grit, fine-grit, and wire wheel are installed in the zone and ready to be used.


NOTE: These materials are not a substitute for hands-on training with an experienced user.

Operation Instructions

  • See manual