Blast Cabinet - Econoline 101691R-A

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A Blast Cabinet for glass bead blasting, which is effective for removing paint or creating an even surface finish on metal parts.


MAKE: Econoline

MODEL: 101691R-A


Grainger catalog listing

Safety Rules

  • Risk of eye damage.
    • Wear safety glasses.
    • Do not operate gun when door is open.
  • Risk of respiratory damage.
    • Wear dust mask during use and when changing blast media.
    • Risk of skin damage. Verify integrity of gloves before use

Operational Notes

  • Use only glass blasting media. Do not use sand.
  • Do not exceed 120psi. Use the lowest pressure possible to obtain desired results.
  • Do not exceed more than 50LBS of abrasive.
  • Despite dust collector, some blast media will escape.
    • Wear a dust mask during use.
    • Vacuum surrounding area when complete.


NOTE: These materials are not a substitute for hands-on training with an experienced user.


Operation Instructions

Changing Media

1. Place empty media tub under cabinet.

2. Open cabinet media door until all media is removed.

3. Place media tub under dust collector.

4. Tap filter cleaner several times to knock media off of filter.

5. Open dust collector door until all media is removed.

6. Verify cabinet media door and dust collector door are closed.

7. Dump desired media into cabinet.


1. Connect air hose.

2. Place object inside cabinet.

3. Ensure cabinet door is closed securely.

4. Turn on overhead light. Turn on dust collector.

5. Use foot pedal to engage media blaster.


  • Econoline Sandblasting Catalog Has some useful information about how it works, accessories available, and how to choose the correct blast media for your application.