CNC Mill DynaMite 2400 Instructions

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These are the operating instructions for the CNC Mill DynaMite 2400.


1 Install material onto machine bed.
2 Set Spindle switch to OFF.    
3 Ensure drive belts are set to provide the desired spindle speed. Adjust if necessary.
4 Set control switch to LOCAL
5 Twist Emergency Stop button clockwise to verify it is out.
6 Press POWER button.
7 Screen reads READY?

Press 1 (YES) to move all axis to home and perform backlash check.

Press 2 (NO) to move axis manually.

-       Use after a crash to move tool safely out of work piece.

8 Screen reads MODE?


9 Screen reads TOOL CALIB?

Press 2 (NO)

10 Screen reads MANUAL?

Press 1 (YES)

11 Screen reads …INCHES?  Or …MM?

Press 1 (YES) to keep in displayed units.

Press 2 (NO) to change units.

12 Screen reads FR X …## (the programmed federate for the x-axis).

Press NEXT. Repeat for FR Y and FR Z.

-       Feed rate will be modified by the CAM file.

13 Screen reads …AXIS?

Press X, Y, or Z to set that axis' starting point.

-       X and Y will be set slightly past 0 to allow space for overrun.

-       Z axis will be set to the tool clearance height.

14 X and Y Axis Set:

1.     Press X→ or X← to start bed movement. Press again to stop bed movement.

2.     Press 7 (∆↑) or 8 (∆↓) to move axis by 0.001”.

Z Axis Set:

1.     Unlock spindle lever, raise spindle to highest point, lock spindle lever.

2.     Press Z↓ to turn on Z down movement. Wait until there is enough room to install tooling. Press Z↓ to stop Z down movement.

15 Press LINE NO twice.

Press CLEAR. Screen reads CLEAR MEMORY?

Press 1 (Y). Screen reads START LINE>nnn

- Enter 000.

Press NEXT. Screen reads END LINE>nnn

- Enter 900. Press NEXT. Press 1 (Y).

Screen reads MEMORY CLEARED.

16 Press SHIFT, followed by READ/WRITE.

Screen reads UPLOAD? Press 2 (N).

Screen reads DOWNLOAD? Press 1(Y).

Screen reads LINE EXECUTE? Press 2(N).

Screen reads PROG EXECUTE? Press 1(Y).

17 Screen reads READY.

Open NC LINK. Open file.


The first block of code will download to the machine, and will start running as soon as it is done.  

18 Screen reads TOOL. Install tooling.
  • Collet nut and collet shall be clean before installation.
  • Collet should snap into collet nut.
  • Tighten collet snug with provided wrenches. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

Press NEXT.

19 Screen reads SETUP > zcxy.

Set C (clearance height):

1.     Press 2 (N) until c is the first letter.

2.     Use axis move buttons (Z↓, Z↑, ∆↑, ∆↓) to move tool to a point where it is above all material and holding devices.

3.     Press SET UP REF. C will become capitalized.

Set Z zero:

1.     Press 2 (N) until z is the first letter.

2.     Use axis move buttons (Z↓, Z↑, ∆↑, ∆↓) to move tool as close to the bed as possible (or whatever plane Z0 was set to in your model).

3.     Unlock spindle lever, lower spindle until it is touching the bed (or plane), lock spindle lever.

4.     Press SET UP REF.

Set X and Y zero:

1.     Press 2 (N) until x or y is the first letter.

2.     Use axis move buttons (X→, X← ∆↑, ∆↓) to move tool to the x zero point.

3.     Press SET UP REF.

Set U zero (rotary table, not used)

1.     Press 2 (N) until u is the first letter.

2.     Press SET UP REF.


1 Set SPINDLE to ON. Adjust speed as needed.
2 With all SET UP REF letters capitalized, press NEXT. The program will begin to run.  

-       The machine can only process 900 lines at a time. The post breaks the program into segments 700 lines long.

-       When one segment is completed, the tool will retract to Z Clearance and the next segment will load.

3 Error Codes

-       If an error code is displayed, review the error code description in the manual.

-       Typical errors are a result of zero points that do not allow for enough machine movement beyond the part.

4 Stopping a Program

Pressing HALT button: Machine will finish the line it is on, then stop. Position in gcode is saved, will resume from that point.

EMERGENCY STOP: Cuts power to machine

1.     Turn machine back on

2.     Screen displays READY?, press 2 (N) to move axis manually (useful to move out of a crash)

Click CANCEL in NCLink: Pauses machine at its location in the code.