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Electronics Zone
Coordinator: Konstantin Avdashchenko
Contact: electronics@tvcog.net
Equipment List: Electronics Zone Equipment
Zone Assistants: Assistants Needed


This zone provides equipment for designing, assembling, and testing electronics projects.

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Zone Orientation: Rules and Safety

There is no instructor-led Zone Orientation for the Electronics zone. Members who are confident in their abilities to use the equipment are allowed to do so. Those who are not should seek the assistance of the Zone Coordinator, other CoG members, or should enroll in an instructional class offered by the CoG.

General Safety

  1. Email zone coordinator and facilities specialist if there are any issues with the equipment.
  2. Risk of fire. Do not leave soldering irons on when unattended.
  3. Risk of eye injury. Wear safety glasses when cutting.

General “Be Excellent to Each Other” Knowledge

  1. Clean up more debris than you have made.
  2. Return all tools and materials to their storage location.

Equipment Overview

  1. Soldering Irons
    1. Set to 365C (690F) for our leaded solder
      1. You may need higher temperatures when working with non-leaded solder
      2. NEVER mix non-leaded and leaded solder. This makes a new un-characterized alloy and can ruin the iron.
    2. Clean the tip frequently with a brass sponge. Once every 5 joints or less is recommended.
      1. NEVER try to clean the iron tip with a dry sponge. That's stupid, not to mention a fire hazard. Wet it thoroughly before use please.
      2. IF using a Brass sponge, leave it dry. The metal will attract the hot solder and pull it off the iron tip.
  2. Oscilloscope
    1. Meh, too much to write down, contact zone coordinator for assistance/training.
    2. Main rule: Don't use the "Auto set" or "Auto Setup" buttons.
  3. Frequency Generator
    1. See above, or just YouTube it. These are less likely to be damaged by doing something bad.
  4. Microscope
  5. Fume Sucker
    1. Use this to keep yourself from sucking in the fumes yourself
  6. Power Supply
    1. See function generator

Reference Information

Material Resources

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Projects for Inspiration

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