Horizontal Bandsaw - Jet HVBS-712

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A horizontal bandsawbandsaw for metal stock (steel bar, aluminum tube, etc).


  • 2" max material thickness.


Safety Rules

  • Risk of entanglement. No long sleeves, dangling clothing/jewelry, long hair, gloves (when equipment is on).
  • Risk of eye damage. Wear safety glasses.
  • Risk of projectiles.
    • Wear eye protection.
    • Securely clamp workpiece.
  • Risk of cuts.
    • Keep hands away from blade while moving.
    • Never hold a workpiece by hand when cutting.
    • Do not remove jammed pieces until blade has stopped.
  • Risk of pinching/crushing/entanglement.
    • Ensure blade is in the fully up position before loading material.
    • Keep body parts away from blade as it is lowering.
    • Do not wear gloves when operating saw. Vinyl gloves are acceptable.

Operational Notes

  • Coolant shall be used for all cuts.
  • Orient workpiece in acceptable orientation.
  • Never start a cut with blade contacting workpiece.
  • Ensure cut speed and down feed rate are appropriate for material.
  • Clean chips from a cutting area with a brush. Do not use compressed air.
  • Clean up more than the mess you’ve made.


NOTE: These materials are not a substitute for hands-on training with an experienced user.


Operation Instructions

1. Clamp stock securely in a correct orientation. 2. Turn hydraulic down feed knob to OFF. 3. Verify transmission belt is set for a speed appropriate for material a. Slow for steels, fast for aluminum or brass. 4. Turn power ON. 5. Turn coolant ON. 6. Slowly lower blade until stopped by hydraulic down feed. 7. Slowly turn on hydraulic down feed until satisfactory chips are produced.