Laser Cutter - Nova 51 Cleaning

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These are the cleaning instructions for cleaning the Laser Cutter - Nova 51.


1 Turn machine power on (will need to move laser head around during cleaning).
2 Lower bed to its lowest position.
3 Open lid, left and right pass through covers, lower front cover. Remove upper front cover.

Disconnect exhaust hose from blower. 

4 NOTE: It is easier to handle the honeycomb with two people.

Remove honeycomb through the lower front cover.

Remove slats.

5 Vacuum all debris from the machine.

Recommended work flow:

-       Blower grate

-       Right rail area

-       Top and bottom of center

-       Lower area

-       Exhaust grate

-       Left rail area

6 Wipe down interior surfaces with Simple Green and paper towels.

Follow the same recommended work flow.

7 Vacuum honeycomb and slats.

Wipe down slats with Simple Green and paper towels.

8 Reinstall slats and honeycomb.

Line up and insert pins on bottom of honeycomb with holes in bed frame.

9 Move bed upward. Ensure there is clearance between the sides of the honeycomb and the frame. Adjust honeycomb if a collision is possible.
10 Close all access covers. Reattach exhaust hose to blower.


1 Open laser tube cover.
2 Wipe down all three mirrors with an isopropyl alcohol wipe.
  • Wipe mirrors in a circular motion, starting at the center and moving outwards.
  • Check mirror for remaining smudges. Wipe again if necessary.
  • Laser Head Mirror: Access is limited to the hole on the left-hand side of the head. Use your pinky or the eraser end of a pencil to press the wipe against the mirror.
File:Nova51 Mirror 1.jpg

File:Nova51 Mirror 2.jpgFile:Nova51 Mirror 3.jpg

3 Press the air hose fitting down. Pull out the air hose.
4 Unscrew the lens tube clamp. Remove the lens tube from the head. File:Nova51 Remove Lens Tube.jpg
5 Unscrew the nozzle from the lens tube.
6 NOTE: When handling the lens, always hold it over a cloth on a table, as close to the table as possible.

Unscrew the lens nut using a lens nut removal tool (plastic or wood rectangle X.XX” thick, X x Y in).

7 Turn the tube upside down, dumping the lens into your hand. File:Nova51 Lens.jpg
9 Fold an isopropyl alcohol wipe around the lens, and wipe the lens clean.

Check mirror for remaining smudges. Wipe again if necessary.

File:Nova51 Lens Clean.jpg
10 Inspect lens for cracks, scratches, or chips in the orange coating. If any of these defects is present, the lens shall be replaced.

Defects around the outer diameter are acceptable.

11 Insert lens into lens tube CONCAVE DOWN.
12 Install lens nut until it is snug, and the lens does not move.
13 Reassemble nozzle and lens tube into the laser cutter, following the reverse of the disassembly process.