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A vertical mill for machining metal components.

This video gives an overview of what a mill is used for, and how it compares to a CNC mill.


Safety Rules

  • Risk of entanglement and limb loss. No long sleeves, dangling clothing/jewelry, long hair, non-vinyl gloves
  • Risk of eye damage. Wear safety glasses.
  • Risk of projectiles.
    • Ensure material and tooling is secure and without obstructions.
    • Ensure tooling is sharp to prevent shattering.
    • Set up magnetic chip shields whenever possible, especially with fly cutting. 
    • Verify collet wrench is removed before starting.


Metal and plastics only.

First time operators shall walk through operation with certified instructor. Email zone coordinator to set up a time.  


NOTE: These materials are not a substitute for hands-on training with an experienced user.


  • Digital Read Out (DRO) on X and Y axis.
  • Keep ways lubricated. Operate oiler lever at least once per day.
  • Follow all posted notices on machine. There are several levers that should only be moved when the machine is running, or when it is off. Doing otherwise will cause serious damage.
  • Use posted references for determining RPM.