Model Shop Zone

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Model Shop Zone
Coordinator: Steve Nordhauser
Equipment List:
Zone Assistants: Assistants Needed


This zone provides hand tools and small power tools for working on small projects.

Zone Orientation: Rules and Safety

There is no instructor-led Zone Orientation for the Model Shop zone. Members who are confident in their abilities to use the equipment are allowed to do so. Those who are not should seek the assistance of the Zone Coordinator, other CoG members, or should enroll in an instructional class offered by the CoG.

General Safety

  1. Email zone coordinator and facilities specialist if there are any issues with the equipment.
  2. Risk of eye injury. Wear safety glasses when cutting, grinding.
  3. Risk of respiratory damage
    1. Turn on air filter when doing anything that will generate fine particles.

General “Be Excellent to Each Other” Knowledge

  1. Clean up more debris than you have made.
    1. Use the vacuum or dust pan to clean up grinding/sanding debris.
  2. Return all tools and materials to their storage location.

Equipment Overview

  1. Rotary Tools
    1. Laser generated in the laser tube, bounces off 3 mirrors (show location), contacts the material.
    2. Ruida control panel. Many resources online for operation specifics.
  2. Desktop Shear
    1. Soft metals and plastics only.
  3. Ultrasonic Cleaner

Reference Information

Material Resources

  • Bullet

Projects for Inspiration

  • Bullet