Table Saw - SawStop PCS31230

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Table Saw
Make: SawStop
Model: PCS31230
Serial Number: ?
Safety Classification: RED


A table saw with an emergency safety brake.


  • 3 HP
  • 10" Blade
  • 8" Dado blade


  • Standard and dado crosscut sled
  • Miter Gauge
  • Taper jig
  • Outfeed table
  • Roller stands

Safety Rules

  • Risk of projectiles. Wear safety glasses.
    • Risk of cuts and dismemberment.
    • Do not reach across blade.
    • Do not place hands in path of blade.
    • Keep a pushstick within reach at all times.
    • Do not cut small pieces of wood that cannot be guided by a push stick or clamped to a sled.
    • Wait for blade to stop before removing material.
  • Risk of kickback.
    • Riving knife shall be installed at all times.
    • Never freehand cut. Use miter gauge or sled for cross cuts (against grain) or fence for rip cuts (with grain). Never use both at the same time.
    • Don’t force material through. E-Stop if there is a jam.
    • Avoid standing between blade and fence.

Operational Notes

  • NO METAL, damp wood, metallic paint, or anything that conducts electricity. Check wood with metal detector before cutting. Users who trip the safety brake must pay for replacement.
  • Check for any obstructions that may block large material from getting all the way through the blade. Use rollers or get assistance to support large material.
  • Unplug when changing the blade.
  • Do not change blade unless you know how to adjust the brake clearance.
  • Dado blades and dado brake available upon request.
  • When done, lower blade beneath table and vacuum all sawdust.

Rip Cutting

  • Riving knife shall be installed.
  • Material side that contacts fence shall be flat.
  • Use featherboards to help keep material pressed against fence.
  • Use push stick to press down on material.
  • Never stand in the kickback zone (between the blade and the fence).
  • Set up rollers to support long work.

Cross Cutting

  • Use a miter gauge, sled, or other jig.
  • Clamp small pieces that cannot be securely hand held.

Dado Cutting

  • Dado blades requires a special dado brake. The standard brake WILL NOT WORK with dado or any blade other than 10".
  • Dado blades and brakes are locked away and can be accessed upon request. We will show you how to install and adjust the brake.
  • Riving knife may be removed for dado cuts.


NOTE: These materials are not a substitute for hands-on training with an experienced user.

Operation Instructions

  • Operator's Manual Contains excellent tutorial information for setting up and performing rip and cross cuts.