Tool Sharpener - WorkSharp 3000

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Tool Sharpener
Make: Worksharp
Model: 3000
Serial Number: ?
Safety Classification: YELLOW


A tool sharpener designed specifically for hand chisels and lathe tools. The solid glass plates are for sharpening the back and front of straight chisels. The slotted discs are for sharpening curved chisels - the chisel edge is sharpened underneath the discs, and the slots allow the user to see the sharpening progress from above.


Abrasives available

  • Flat plate: 80, 120, 220, 400, 1000
  • Slotted plate: 80, 400, 1200
  • Leather polishing:

Safety Rules

  • Risk of projectiles. Wear safety glasses. Keep a firm grip on tool while sharpening.
  • Risk of burns. Friction causes heat - don't touch tool edges that have just come off the sharpener.
  • Risk of respiratory damage. Wear dust mask.
  • Risk of fire. Hot sparks can ignite flammable materials. Keep work area clean, especially of sawdust piles.

Operational Notes

  • Please review sharpening Worksharp shapening technique videos before using this sharpener.
  • Keep the tool pointed toward the center of the disc. The outside of the disc moves faster than the inside, so the tool will sharpen at different rates if it spans along the radius.
  • Keep sandpaper clean. Frequently clean with an abrasive cleaning stick.


NOTE: These materials are not a substitute for hands-on training with an experienced user.

Operation Instructions