Vacuum Former - Belovac C

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Vacuum Former
Make: Belovac
Model: Class C
Serial Number: Example
Safety Classification: YELLOW


A pneumatically operated vacuum former for ABS, PVC, PET, polystyrene, kydex, polypropylene, and any other thermoplastic.


  • Maximum sheet size: 24" x 48"
  • 18" draw depth
  • Maximum mold size: 19" x 43"

Available Vacuum Boxes

  • 19" x 19"

Safety Rules

  • Risk of burns. Wear leather gloves when moving the heating element and handling any part of the machine after the heating element has been activated.
  • Risk of pinching and crushing.
    • Keep body parts clear of machine when mold table is in motion.
    • Material clamp will quickly pop up when unclamped. Stand clear or control upward motion with hand when unclamping.


  • Ensure heating element is moved back before raising mold table.
  • Do not leave machine unattended when the heater is on.


NOTE: These materials are not a substitute for hands-on training with an experienced user.


Material manufacturers will often provide guidelines for pre-heating, themoforming temperatures and heating times.

Operation Instructions

Cutting Out Parts


Belovac Overview Video Demonstrates operation, clamping table adjustment, heater control, vacuum system.

How to Build a Vacuum Box Video

Formlabs Vacuum Forming Guide Overview of basic design considerations for molds.

Formtech Vacuum Forming Guide Vacuum Forming fundamentals